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ICSI Procedure to Achieve Pregnancy Highly Successful at Vejthani

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  • ICSI Procedure to Achieve Pregnancy Highly Successful at Vejthani
ICSI Procedure to Achieve Pregnancy Highly Successful at Vejthani

Catering to the wide-ranging fertility needs of both men and women from many regions of the world, VFC utilizes the three most effective and least costly approaches to help infertile couples conceive: Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and Mini In-vitro Fertilization (IVF).
“While most candidates are middle aged couples, we offer a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in couples of all ages,” says Dr. Worawat Siripoon, an infertility specialist at the cutting-edge facility.

“Whether the condition is physiological, hormonal or anatomy-related with a presence of structural irregularities like tumors and cysts; our teams of expert physicians provide top-notch infertility solutions seamlessly tailored to each condition. Our expert embryologists have been highly successful at identifying the underlying critical impediments and treating the same using latest technologies and procedures.”

“Our expertise and dedicated focus have resulted in a remarkable success for six out of every ten couples who come to us seeking pregnancy,” Dr. Siripoon adds. “Most conceive within three to six months.”

Intrauterine insemination is recommended as a simpler and more affordable starting point for fertility treatment. Commonly referred to as artificial insemination, the highly-effective procedure introduces concentrated sperm directly into the uterus on the day of ovulation. The sperm is washed and processed to separate it from other components and to preclude potential reaction to bacteria, proteins and prostaglandins in the seminal fluid before insemination.

IUI is appropriate for women “without occlusion of both oviducts,” Dr. Siripoon explains. It is particularly popular among middle age couples experiencing ejaculatory problems, abnormal sperm quality and female cervical disorders. The procedure is generally free of risk and discomfort, except in the cases of potential ectopic pregnancy and twin pregnancy.

The other two approaches available at Vejthani Hospital are ICSI, pursued in cases of the men with sperm abnormalities, and Mini IVF (also known as minimal stimulation IVF or Micro IVF) in cases of the females with fewer eggs that can be treated with stimulant drugs.

Mini IVF is a relatively new and advanced reproductive technology that provides a sophisticated alternative to ovarian stimulation and traditional in vitro fertilization, the reproductive specialist points out. “As with IVF, the patient is monitored throughout her cycle. At the most suitable stage, our skilled team begins the process of egg retrieval, fertilization of the egg and sperm, and embryo transfer.”, Dr. Siripoon added.

However, the success rate of ICSI is much higher than that of IVF. Though gametes (eggs and sperm) are collected from each partner in both procedures, fertilization is achieved naturally in IVF, whereas it is achieved through a laboratory procedure in ICSI. In IVF, the gametes are mixed together in a laboratory dish so that the sperm can penetrate the ovum naturally. In contrast, in ICSI procedure a single sperm is selected with a fine medical needle and injected into the ovum directly. Owing to the differences in the methods of fertilization, the success rate of ICSI is much higher than that of IVF. IVF is especially not recommended to infertile patients with low sperm count.

ICSI is the best procedure for pregnancy for many couples as expert embryologists with specialist equipment can help fertilization occur with a very less number of sperms. However, it should be noted that as the fertilization still requires some ordinary cellular events, the fertilization is not always possible.
Vejthani Fertility Center (VFC) provides a wide variety of infertility treatments ranging from basic care to the most advanced in vitro fertilization technology available with high-quality care based on your clinical needs.

The Physicians and staffs of Vejthani Fertility Center are our greatest asset, committed exclusively to providing you with quality patient care. Our board certified reproductive medicine doctors, experienced ICSI-IVF nurses and embryologists team, each with the level of proficiency and International recognition. With their long-term of experience surely will make your experience a grateful one!


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